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This month we again implemented a lot of exciting projects you shouldn't miss:
In this LufftPost newsletter issue you find out, why one of the largest wind parks in the world uses Lufft sensor technology. Moreover I present you the most frequently read blog posts of the year.
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Tobias Weil - Director of Marketing - G. Lufft GmbH
Director of Marketing - Lufft GmbH
Issue 11/2016
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Ultrasonic Wind Sensor VENTUS-UMBWind Energy: One of the World's Largest Wind Farms Counts on Lufft VENTUS Wind Sensor 
The Buffalo Gap wind farm in Texas (USA) is the No.  7 of the largest wind farms worldwide! Why the operator AES Corporation decided to exchange mechanical sensors with our VENTUS ultrasonic wind sensor, explains AES Performance Engenieer Tristan Lee...
»Improved performance by Lufft wind sensors
More Stations for Better Forecasts:
NYS Mesonet Relies on Lufft Sensor Technology 
More stations for more data and better forecasts - this is to be achieved by the New York State Mesonet through 125 weather stations in the state of New York. Project manager Jerry Brotzge reported on the project and explains why his team opted for Lufft wind sensors...
»New York Mesonet relies on Lufft wind sensor technology
New York State Mesonet relies on Lufft V200A
New Wind & Weather and Image brochure Applications instead of Technical Details:
The New Lufft Image and Wind & Weather Brochure 
Whether meteorology, hydrology, renewable energy, agricultural weather or smart cities - in our new brochures you will discover the whole range of different applications in which our sensors are used worldwide!
Go on discovery trip...
. . .  with the new Lufft brochures
Our TOP 3 Lufft Blog Posts 2016 
The year is slowly coming to an end - so it is time for us to present you the most frequently read Lufft Blog posts of this year:
»Mechanical vs.  Ultrasonic Wind Sensors – a Cost Benefit Analysis
»New Lufft technology improves winter service in Offenburg
»Lufft snow height sensor SHM30 reveals secrets about Antarctica
Top 3 Lufft Blog posts
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